Welcome to The Guild Relations Wiki

This wiki is an extension of the Guild Relations Forum of the World of Warcraft Forums, meant to archive and expand upon the guides and principles that are brought up in forum discussion.

Why This ExistsEdit

The Guild Relations Forum is a great resource, but it suffers from two issues: permanence and collaboration. Guides that are created are forum posts, and as such are subject to the administration of the board. They can scroll off, or be deleted arbitrarily for a variety of reasons. There is no backup of these guides, so once they're gone, they're gone.

The thread format also stifles collaboration. Only the original author can make changes to the post, and if they disappear, or stop playing, or just stop updating the thread, then as the game changes, information becomes stale, or disappears completely, and the guides decay and become less useful.

By using the wiki format, the guides can be maintained and updated by more than one author, making them much more useful and robust.

We do ask that when possible you allow the original author to make updates, and that you follow the example of other guides on here when composing your own. If you are transcribing a guide written by someone else, please make sure that you attribute the guide to the original author.

You can use the Guide & FAQ to In-Game Guild Creation as an example of layout and attribution.

In addition, you can post a bare bones template into a new article by adding {{subst:Articles}} in the body and hitting Save Page.

You can check the Transitioning Guides page to find out which guides have already been moved, and which need to be moved.

Note from EvolEdit

I'm taking a little retirement from WoW until Cataclysm comes out, and may not be checking this very often until then. With the announcement about the new forums, I do plan to redo the sticky on the Guild Relations Forum once the forums switch over.

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